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Editing is a partnership and I will work hard to make our partnership a success. My aim is to make your story as the author shine and not in any way change your voice. Thus, we will work together to achieve your goal.


Rahab Mugwanja

About the Editor

I've been an avid reader since as far back as I can remember, thus, it's no surprise to anyone that I ended up becoming an editor. My love of books and an almost-obsessive attention to detail, rivaled only by my love for laughing, led to a career I absolutely love.

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What Authors Say

Some Work

D For Darien
Eat Me
Tease Me
Want Me
Mate Me
V for Visa
Imperfections – Come to Light
My Wicked Half-Sister
Her Best Friend’s Brother
Off Limits: Her Handsome Boss
Someone Else’s Fairy Tale
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